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25 December 2012 @ 01:17 am
Christmas Thoughts 2012: Pancakes (7.2/8)  
Title: Pancakes (7.2/8)
Prompt: None
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: Mature
A/N: It's naughty. But sweet. Two more parts to come!


The First Time, Four Times
The First Time, the Second Time

The Doctor woke up on Christmas morning to the smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen. Had he not had Rose on board, he wouldn't have thought it to be Christmas. However, she had been planning for the day for quite awhile and how could he deny her when she looked at him with those huge Tyler eyes?

It surprised him that he was asleep at all. He hardly ever slept, but there was something about sitting by the crackling fire with Rose the night before - sipping on hot chocolate and watching old Christmas movies - that made him yearn for sleep.

He placed his feet on the cold floor and decided to stay in his pajamas, sensing that Rose would probably do the same. There's something about celebrating Christmas while staying in your jim-jams, he thought.
The Doctor ran his hand through his hair and scratched his stomach with the other. Opening the door to his room, he left and headed to where the delicious smell took him.

Upon arriving at the kitchen, however, he stopped in his tracks and forgot all about his hair and itch. His eyes bulged and he took a deep and harsh swallow.

Rose was indeed preparing a large breakfast. He saw the fruit, tea, eggs and sausage already on the table. He also saw that she was flipping pancakes - but it was what she was wearing that caused him to almost have a double heart attack.

She was wearing a button down shirt that looked like it came straight out of his closet except that it was a lavender color. It fit her loosely and the bottom reached her mid-thigh. What surprised him the most, however, was the fact that she was wearing what appeared to be shorts. He couldn't be too sure, as they also resembled underwear. Except they were boyish and...they looked fantastic on her. Her hair kept falling into her eyes, as it was picked up haphazardly atop her head.

It was impossible to argue against it - Rose looked gorgeous.

The Doctor didn't know what to do. He had been fighting against his urges and feelings since he regenerated - but this was just too much. He remembered their first time - the way she felt beneath him. Her smile, her laughter...

He never stopped wanting her. It simply became too difficult. The world or her - he didn't want to choose and yet, he would always have to.

Suddenly, Rose turned around, a plate of pancakes in her hand. She was startled, but offered him a huge and toothy Tyler smile. The plate was set in the middle of their small kitchen table.

"Doctor! Scared me a bit, but you're just in time for some breakfast! Then we can open gifts, yea'?"

Gifts, thought the Doctor - clearly disappointed in himself that he hadn't thought of them.

She smirked, knowingly, "It's alright Doctor, I meant the gifts I got for you."

If that was meant to make him feel better, it did the complete opposite.

"Rose, I-"

She waved her hand at him and turned to get some things from a cabinet.

"You've given me more than you know. Travels to places and times no one else will ever see. That means a lot more to me than some jumper you saw on a London street corner."

The Doctor knew she meant it, but it didn't make it any better.

Rose stepped up on her tip-toes to grab a bottle of syrup. The Doctor watched as her shirt climbed up her bottom, showing him just how revealing those shorts or whatever they were, were.

Then, as if out of his control, he felt himself taking a couple of long strides toward her until he basically cornered her against the kitchen counter. Rose turned around and gasped loudly, dropping the bottle of syrup on the floor. They heard it pop open, the liquid probably spilling, but neither appeared to care. Rose's eyes were wide and questioning.

"Doctor, what's-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence as the Doctor leaned in, squeezing her against the countertop, and kissed her.

Rose gave an unceremonious squeal as she felt the Doctor's mouth on hers. He gave her lips tiny but sensual kisses while his thumb and fingertips stroked her cheek and neck. His other hand had gone to her waist, and was stroking her flat stomach. He heard her whimper and that's when she started kissing him back.

Memories of touches and kisses from another life flashed in his mind. Between feeling her touch and remembering - it caused him to become overwhelmed with desire for her.

She raised her hands and ran her fingers through his wild hair, giving it a tug here and there. It made him moan. Then he felt her hands trail from his hair to his neck, tingling along his collarbone and then they began to unfasten his pajama top, button by button.

The Doctor tapered the kisses so that he could look at her. When he did, he saw that there were no need for words. They had talked plenty, ignored even more - there was no longer a need.

In her eyes, he saw all he needed.

With a renewed fierceness, he covered her mouth with his, their tongues tasting. He let her unbutton his shirt and drag it off; he pulled off her own much more quickly and impatiently - he could hear the buttons popping as he ripped it off. She laughed at that.

Her laughter took him back to the first time, and he longed for the feeling to be inside of her again. He grabbed her hips and picked her up to place her on the counter.

She looked at him, and with a breathy sigh said, "This is new."

He smiled at her, a wicked smile, "Always like new places Rose, you know that."

Rose chuckled, and for a moment, their fierceness seemed to melt into something else. Tenderness.

The Doctor kissed her. A deep and lingering kiss.

With the hand that wasn't holding her against him, he pulled down his pajama bottoms and pants, kicking them aside. Then, he reached to her hips and pulled down the shorts that were really just underwear in disguise. She wiggled her hips to help him out - which only made him more impatient.

He threw them aside, idly wondering if they would find them later.

And in one strong thrust, he was inside of her. Her grunt was loud and deep in his ear. The Doctor feared that he had done it too quickly and had hurt her.

As if hearing his thoughts, she said, "I'm okay. Harder."

It gave him relief and made him, well, harder.

The Doctor thrust harder and deeper. Each time, he received moans and grunts followed by heavy breathing in his ear. When they kissed, he received those same moans in his mouth and it only made him want her more. He didn't think it was physically possible that a woman could do this to him.

But it wasn't just any woman. Rose Tyler was more than that.

She wrapped her legs around him, keeping him close and the Doctor could feel her arms around him. Her skin was so soft against his own. That sensation with the wetness between her thighs and on him was too much.

He heard her gasp and cry in his ear and he knew she was close. The Doctor held on until he felt her tighten and moan loudly. He then felt her relax slightly. She shivered.

Not long after, he came as well, his thunderous moan joining his last deep thrust. The Doctor stayed inside her for a bit longer, just holding her close. Neither of them talked for a moment. She sprinkled kisses along his neck, causing him to tremble.

In his ear, she whispered, "That was some gift, Doctor." She giggled.

The Doctor laughed heartily and separated them slightly so he could look into her large amber eyes.

"Likewise," was all he said, as he gave her a goofy, content and happy smile.
shadowneko003: Yusuke - Sex is in the airshadowneko003 on December 25th, 2012 03:47 pm (UTC)
Morning smut on Christmas is always good! ;D
whosintheatticwhosintheattic on December 26th, 2012 08:28 am (UTC)
YES. I love this.
mcinstrymcinstry on December 29th, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)
D'awww. Too sweet. I always love the awkward we've-already-had-sex-but-not-really fics. This was a brilliant example of that. Ten is flustered and Rose is gorgeous. There's nothing better.