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21 December 2012 @ 01:47 am
Christmas Thoughts 2012: The First Time (5/8)  
Title: The First Time (5/8)
Prompt: You'll find out at the end of the fic!
Characters: Rose/Doctor (10/Rose)
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: The Doctor is trying to get Rose to do something.
A/N: Something short because I'm tired, but I have something planned :D See this post for more details!

(1 Questionable Holiday Traditions
(2 Remember
(3 More Than the Moon and the Stars
(4) Twinkle

The First Time

"Come on Rose! It'll be fun!"

Rose looked at the Doctor as if he had suddenly sprouted, not only an extra head, but an extra limb or two.

"You're mad. I'm not doin' it," she got up from the table and went to pour herself another cuppa.

"There's nothing wrong with being a little mad. Besides, you act like it would be your first time." His tone was playful, but annoying to Rose's ears.

She turned around and looked at him incredulously, "Uh, of course it would be my first time, never done it before!" Annoyed, but not enough to storm off (yet), she sat down again without offering him a refill.

The Doctor pouted, but continued on, nursing his still-half full cup of tea. "I don't see what the big deal is."

Rose buried her face in her hands. Why must he be so impossible.

When he realized that Rose wouldn't be emerging from her hands any time soon, he continued, "Just this one time, and if you don't like it...we'll never have to do it again."

The smile almost rang in her ears and for a moment, she smiled into her palms. Then she said, "Doctor, we don't have to do it now..."

The Doctor was quiet then, and when he didn't talk after half a minute she became somewhat worried that she'd really upset him. She resurfaced from her hands to find the Doctor smiling expectantly. Rose gave him a petulant look.

"Please, Rose? Please??" He gave her his best smile. It was one hell of a smile.

With a reluctant sigh, she said, "Fine Doctor, just this once."

He smiled, "Brilliant."

And that was the first and last time the Doctor and Rose ever went caroling.

Prompt: Caroling
dreamcatcher50dreamcatcher50 on December 21st, 2012 12:58 pm (UTC)
loving the tid-bits into their lives whether it be with Nine or Ten or Eleven thinking of past adventures!
mcinstrymcinstry on December 29th, 2012 04:58 am (UTC)
This is too cute. Rose probably has a beautiful voice, so I can't imagine why she'd be so against caroling. Maybe it's because she'd have to keep a certain Time Lord reined in the entire time.