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20 December 2012 @ 02:36 am
Christmas Thoughts 2012: Twinkle (4/8)  
Title: Twinkle (4/8)
Prompt Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store. - Dr. Seuss
Characters: Rose/Doctor, Eleven, Amy/Rory
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: The Doctor remembers. 
A/N:  Hope you all like! Again, it's a bit different...

(1) Questionable Holiday Traditions
(2) Remember
(3) More Than the Moon and the Stars


Amy and Rory  were lounging around the library. Rory was laying on the floor, feet up on the long brown couch where Amy was. She was playing with her hair and thinking about Christmas.

As if reading her mind, Rory asked, "Do you think the Doctor celebrates Christmas?"

Amy stopped twirling her hair and stared up at the ceiling. "Not sure. We've been here awhile and there still hasn't been a proper Christmas celebration, has there?"

Rory nodded in agreement and continued to stare off into space. 

Suddenly, she flipped over and stared intently at her husband, "Do you think it has anything to do with previous companions?"

His eyes darted to her, "Oh no, Amy, don't. You know how he gets when you try to..."

"How do I get exactly?"

The Doctor's voice caused them both to sit up and be quiet. Which only made the Doctor more curious.

"Go ahead Rory, finish your thought," it almost sounded like a dare, thought Rory.

"I'd rather not, thanks," he quickly laid down again.

Amy threw a glance at her husband, and looked back at the Doctor, "We were talking about how we haven't celebrated a proper Christmas on the Tardis. You know, tree and lights. Cookies baking, drinking hot chocolate - tinsel and candy canes. All of that."

The Doctor's expression seemed to darken and he took a step near the fireplace. He stared into the fire for quite some time.

Amy was about to break the quiet when he beat her to it, "Is that all it would take?"

The companions exchanged a look. The Doctor continued, "There were times where this room twinkled with lights and tinsel. Candle smoke wafted in the air. There was laughter. So much laughter." The quiet returned.

"Doctor, do you need...I mean, are you alright?" concern filled Rory's voice. 

The Doctor didn't answer at first. He continued to stare at the flames. His eyes glistened with tears he would neither admit to or shed. Images of a laughing blond passed through his mind. Memories of another time. Another face. 


He turned towards Amy's voice, but answered Rory's question, "I'm always alright."

She coughed loudly, "Well, we could always buy a tree, find some decorations." She looked down at her husband with an expectant look.

Rory hurriedly added, "I can try to bake cookies."

The raggedy Doctor chuckled at that, "We don't need the material to celebrate. Some things are special enough on their own."

And with that, the Doctor took one last look around him, the image of how things once were and left the room
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mcinstrymcinstry on December 29th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
More heartbreak. But I love fics where 11 reminisces over Rose. This one was just brilliant.
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