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18 December 2012 @ 02:07 am
Christmas Thoughts 2012: Remember (2/8)  
Title: Remember (2/8)
Prompt: hot chocolate
Characters: Rose Tyler/Ten
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: Rose is disappointed that the Doctor forgot about Christmas.
A/N: This one flows more smoothly than the previous one. Hope you all like!

Questionable Holiday Traditions 


Rose shivered in the brisk cold air atop a mountain on the planet of Oaoi. She was sitting on top of a table, her legs swinging over the edge while being surrounded with the planet's native people. They gathered in groups, looking up at the sky where the twinkling stars were so visibly clear that they almost seemed fake. The people were laughing and talking excitedly. Just like her, they were waiting for the annual star shower, a single moment in which the stars fell from the sky. It was supposed to be the most beautiful sight she would ever see. However, unlike her, the planet's people were also taking full advantage of their constant warm body temperatures - much like the Doctor's, actually.

She had to be the lucky, lonely human who had to put on layer after layer, gloves, scarf and super warm boots in order to even leave the Tardis. She hoped it was worth it. Rose sighed. It wasn't like her to be this irritated, especially on an adventure, but how could the Doctor forget what day it was?

Looking up, she could spot him in the crowd. He had excused himself moments before to find who knows what. Rose wasn't really paying attention - she was still trying to accept the fact that she wouldn't be going home for her Christmas this year. Perhaps the Doctor could go back one of these days and she'd be able to experience it that way.

She could have told him and he would have made it happen, she knew. But the fact that he forgot made her keep quiet. It was something that he hadn't done in quite a long time, since he was broken and covered in leather. It hurt, but she was trying very hard to not let it get to her.

A girl with pearly blue skin walked in front of her and offered her a smile. Rose smiled in return; she watched as the young woman skipped away from her and practically jumped into the arms of an equally young and blue-skinned boy. The sight made Rose's grin grow wider. Young love, and all that - it didn't matter what planet you were on, it was still a sight to see. 

Rose's body shook with the cold. It had seeped down into her bones. How could she still be cold, she wondered. She blew warm breath into her knitted gloves.

"Hot chocolate?"

She jumped at the Doctor's voice; she looked up at him. His hair was disheveled, his tie was a bit crooked and he seemed so warm and comfortable in his long coat. Rose smiled despite the chill and her mood.

The Doctor handed her a steaming cup of the hot drink. She gratefully took it and didn't waste time taking a sip. She didn't question why hot chocolate existed on the planet, all she saw was the vapor leaving the cup. Vapor meant hot. That's all she needed.

The liquid burned but momentarily satisfied the need for heat in her body. She almost groaned with the pleasure.

"Good?" he smiled his lop sided smile.

"It's gorgeous," she said, teeth chattering just a bit.

He sat on the tabletop next to her, each line of his body meeting the layers on hers. Despite the slight disappointment she felt, she still couldn't be happier being with him. The realization was true and she'd known it since he was in his previous body, but it still caused her a pang of hurt. She knew full well that she couldn't keep him forever. At least, not for his forever.

"You alright? You seem a bit..." he trailed off and instead made an odd facial expression that, despite her thoughts, made her grin.

The Doctor was a man of time, and he had many things going on in his mind at all times. Rose was still unaware of how exactly his mind worked - how could she add this on top of everything else he had going on up there?

She covered one of his hands with her own while holding her drink with the other. Her body was still cold, but it was bearable with him and the chocolate near her.

"I'm alright," she offered him a toothy grin, "just waiting for this shower to start."

His face brightened as he looked up at the sky, "Well, I'm glad you're looking forward to it. Only happens once a year and I couldn't think of a better gift."

Rose's eyes grew wide, "What?"

The Doctor looked back at her, surprised to find her looking at him so intently, "The shower...Christmas? I...uh, it's your gift?"

She heard the words, but they didn't seem to make sense, "W-what?"

"Rose, are you really alright?" he looked at her concerned and pulled out the sonic screwdriver. Rose heard the buzz of the device as he scanned her with it. He looked at it and appeared more perplexed.

"Doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with you. What is it?"

Rose shook her head from side to side, and chuckled, "I thought...I thought you had forgotten about Christmas." She cradled the cup in her hands and stared at the ground in front of her.

They were quiet for a moment; they watched the people around them gather closer together. Rose took that to mean that the shower would be happening at any moment.

After awhile, she grew impatient. She placed her cup on the empty space next to her. Turning to him, she was taken aback to find him staring at her intently. He wasn't smiling nor was he frowning. He just kept looking at her. It made her heart beat faster and she suddenly felt very warm - and it had nothing to do with the hot chocolate.

"Rose, I didn't forget. I just thought you'd enjoy another wonder of the universe before I took you to have Christmas with your mother while I tinker with the Tardis and conveniently go into your flat when there was food or Christmas specials on the telly."

He said the last part so seriously that she couldn't help but laugh. The Doctor soon joined her and chuckled at his own response.

"Thank you Doctor, it truly means a lot to me that you remembered," Rose reached up and swiped away a strand of unruly hair from his face. He smiled at her and reached up to take her hand in his. She knew he had two hearts, but at that moment, she would bet that her single one had his beat.

In that moment, the skies above them glowed brightly and the stars began to fall all around them. It was the most stunning thing Rose had ever seen. She felt the Doctor's hand tighten around her own and it reminded her of the reason why she could see it at all.

Rose didn't have to look at him to truly know he'd done this all for her - as nonsensical and confusing as that was.

"Merry Christmas, Rose Tyler," he warm breath caused her to shiver as he whispered in her ear. The shiver, which did not have anything to do with the cold, thrilled her.

"Merry Christmas, Doctor."

And together, they continued to look up at the sky, enjoying the gift only the Doctor could give.
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mcinstrymcinstry on December 29th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
Poor Rose thought he forgot. But he didn't. I love fics where that happen, and this one was no exception. It's sweet as chocolate and warmed my heart. :)
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